We first met Holly during a Trade School class on "Intro to Saving and Investing." In this class, Holly was able to explain financial information in a way that was approachable and easily understandable. Now that we've begun to work with Holly on our financial planning, we appreciate her down to earth, yet always professional attitude. She takes the time to listen carefully making sure the financial plan she crafts meet our financial goals. Holly is connected to a team of experts who can also advise us when we have questions in specialized areas like US/Canada complexities. We trust Holly completely and would highly recommend her -- in fact, we already have!

Colene C. December 19, 2016

I'm self employed and had been needing a financial advisor for a while when a friend of mine recommended Holly to me. I liked that she is relatable and has the knowledge of the intimidating suit wearing financial people but is down to earth and personable and understands my situation and needs. I really liked her process for helping me figure out what it is that I needed to plan for my future, manage my current savings and cash flow and plan for unexpected events.

Sarah S. December 19, 2016

Holly worked with me to figure out a plan that would not stretch me financially in the short term but would still have benefits in the long term. She is very easy to talk to and is always keen to work toward whatever your needs are. I would definitely recommend her to others - and I have!

Karen L. December 19, 2016

I just wrote a list of all my accomplishments for 2016 and the first three items were: 'Started working with a Financial Planner', 'Started a Financial Plan', and, 'Used my savings to pay a deposit on new apartment and hire movers'. This is all because at the end of 2015, a good friend of mine, and someone who I value for their discretion said to me, "You have to go see Holly Vipond." So I did and here I am, feeling the most positive about my finances than I have in years.

Erin M. December 19, 2016

I liked Holly right away, and could see why she was recommended to me by my friend. I find her honest and down-to-earth. She makes financial planning available to those who don't think it's possible. She creates possibilities for people in a real and accessible way. I have already recommended her to friends and will continue to do so!

Erin M. December 19, 2016

You have helped me to see the value in what I make, and how easy and important it is to save. I've watched my investments already make money, and know that they will continue to do so with you advice. [I value] the one on one meetings and the way that you care so much. You really do have my best interest in mind, and that is what makes you different. I never question it because I know you want me to do well with my investments!

Kat C. December 19, 2016

I think that your average person that doesn't think they can save, or someone who thinks they don't have the money would really benefit from working with you. I didn't think I had much, but you've shown me that even just the little bit I can save makes a huge difference. I would tell them to just meet you, to talk to you and see how informed and down to earth you are. [I would] tell them it never felt like you were selling me anything, but that you just wanted me to make the best of what I could.

Kat C. December 19, 2016

I am so grateful that I met Holly and asked her to be my advisor. I was entering a huge transition, with financial ups, downs, and uncertainties. I had a large amount to learn and take over for my family. Holly helped me to understand all the "pieces" of my financial picture, to deal with some immediate needs, and to make a sensible plan that gives me confidence, for the shorter and longer terms.

I appreciate that Holly is patient about explaining things; I see that as an important part of my advisor's job. It's also beneficial that she reminds me when it's time to check in!

KC July 19, 2017