Talking to Holly is like talking to an old friend. She is cheerful and smart and she sets your mind at ease from the get-go. You know she will always take your best interests to heart. I trust Holly's advice and wouldn't go to anyone else.

Dawn T.

Holly is a fantastic Financial Advisor. She’s wicked good at what she does - super knowledgeable and goes the extra mile (just like when she’s running!) to make sure her clients are well taken care of.

Jeremy L.

Holly has provided insight into the finance world and how we can get ourselves organized for the journey into the future. We now feel on a path that we hadn’t been able to achieve working here and there with other advisors from different institutions.

Sean G.

Holly explains things in real language we can understand and is patient when we have questions. Also she is focused on us when we meet. Simple concepts but sadly things that others haven’t been so good at.

Sean G.

I choose Holly because of her enthusiasm and dedication to educating people on all manner of money topics, not just investing. I am a former teacher myself and believe in the philosophy of teaching people to think for themselves and achieving that by giving them the right tools and knowledge! Holly mirrors this philosophy in her dealings with clients and the public. I would not hesitate to recommend her as an advisor.

Connie W.

What makes Holly stand out above the rest of the advisors is her willingness to also learn from the client. Any good teacher recognizes that it is a two way street to enhance both people's knowledge. I'm positive her eagerness and dedication would help anyone I recommend to her. Thanks Holly for your refreshing attitude towards money and investing.

Connie W.

We've benefited from working with Holly because she gives us peace of mind; we don't have to stress about or wrap our heads around financial concepts. We sit down and discuss what our short term and long term goals are, and Holly makes suggestions based on that. It felt incredibly easy to get started, we never felt pressured, and now our savings plans are in place, it's rewarding seeing where it's all going. If you're an individual or couple like us, we'd definitely recommend sitting down with Holly and seeing how she can help you.

Alec M.

One of the reasons I love working with Holly is that she really takes the time to explain everything to me. I ask a lot of questions and often don't understand things the first time around, yet she doesn't mind going over things very concretely for me, without pressuring me. Holly is very passionate about what she does, and it shows!

Victor T.

Holly was recommended to us by a mutual friend, and after having worked with her we can see why! Before working with Holly, we had been interviewing other advisors, but never felt like the person we were interviewing was a right fit until Holly. She is professional, caring, and answers all of our questions in a thorough and timely manner. If Holly doesn't know the answer to something, she takes the time to research the answer. Holly helped us with our life insurance needs, as well as setting up a RDSP for our son, and made our family's needs a priority when recommending what was best for us. We appreciate the work that Holly has done for our family, and we would recommend her for your family as well.

Denise D.

I found Ms. Vipond to be knowledgeable in the products offered by her company and was never really pushy making me uncomfortable in have to give a negative response. I would approach Holly first with any future investment questions.
Holly helped guide me through setting up my first TFSA, no easy task with my mistrust in institutions that I don't deal with on a frequent base.
I didn't get bothered with promotions for a number of products that I was not interested in.
People or businesses that are on the fence and need time to make a decision would benefit from the information you give, then the lack of aggressive salesmanship.

Tom T.