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Growing and Protecting Your Business

You’ve worked hard to build your business; I want to help you protect it. Whether starting a new venture or maintaining a successful one, I can help you address your needs in the following areas:

Business Continuation

Key Person Insurance – to provide tax-free dollars to offset financial loss arising from the death or disability of your key employee(s).

Business Loan Protection – to provide tax-free dollars to repay business loans/lines of credit in the event of death or disability of an owner or key employee.

Business Transfer – to provide tax-free dollars to properly fund the buyout of shares in the event of death or disability of a partner.

Enhanced Retirement Income – a tax-effective way for your company to benefit from corporately owned life insurance policies.

Estate Planning

Estate Creation – to provide immediate tax-free dollars to allow your family to pay back debts and maintain their lifestyles if you die too soon.

Estate Conservation – to provide liquid tax-free dollars to meet capital gains tax, other taxes, outstanding debts and administration costs arising at death.

Disability Income – to provide maximum after tax income to maintain your present and future lifestyle without burdening your business.

Retirement Planning

RRSPs – accumulate tax-sheltered funds for retirement and protection from creditors.

Tax Exempt Insurance – maximize tax-sheltered growth of capital and take advantage of flexible benefits to augment retirement income, and to provide liquidity.

Annuities/RRIFs – provides an income flow to match your needs at retirement.

Retirement Protector – continue retirement savings in event of a disability.

Employee Benefits

Life/Disability Insurance – establish company policy to help secure employees and their families by transferring risk to an insurance carrier. Tailored disability benefits for owners and key persons to suit their individual income needs.

Health/Dental Benefits – design a plan to attract and retain good employees.

Pension/Group RRSP – install, analyze and administer retirement plans for you and your employees.

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