Now on Outschool!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always had a passion for sharing financial literacy with the world. I’ve been teaching financial literacy to adults since 2014, and now I am changing gears and teaching teenagers on Outschool! Please come check out my Outschool page for more information on the classes that I have available. And if you would like to see other topics offered, don’t hesitate to ask. >>Outschool Page Here<<

My Core Values

These are the values which are at the heart of everything I do, both with my clients and with other professionals:

Integrity – I will put my clients’ best interests ahead of my own
Diligence – I will maintain my own learning, compliance, and competence
Caring – I will treat your family and business as my own
Honesty – I will always be open about products, fees, and options
Education – I will educate my clients and the public
Community – I will give back via education, volunteering, and donating